Tasting & Living #48 November 2013

Tasting & Living #48 November 2013

A team of foodies based in Brussels with an international appetite for everything foodie.

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In de Wulf – a star well deserved!

September 19, 2010

Close to Dranouter on the border of the rather flat French Flanders you find the Heuvelland Hills and in the middle of nowhere the one star restaurant “In De Wulf”.
This is a place for food lovers. Innovative cooking but with respect for the Flemish tradition and the use of local herbs, greens and flowers.

We arrived a warm august summer night around 20.30 and in fact it was too late because it was past 1 am before with finished our pousse café.
The restaurant is in an old beautifully renovated farm-house with a lovely garden and a salon to enjoy a drink.

We opted for a 5 course degustation menu including a wine menu.
Enjoying the sun set over the hills we enjoyed 4 small amuse-bouche in the garden. They were served on warm or cold stones and included tête pressée on rye bread, smoked eel, red beet in yoghurt – every stone beautifully decorated and seasoned with flowers from a nearby garden.
After moving inside in the spacious restaurant we started with a marinated mackerel with grilled cucumber, gooseberry and dill. This was a very delicate appetizer. The woody / grilled taste went perfectly with the mackerel.  Second starter was by far the star of the night. Oostendse mussels and Noordzee crab in its own juices plus a bit of white beer and lovage herb.  All the savours stayed on our tongue long time after having the last bite of this very refined dish.  Then came a little piece of ray in a juice of elder berry capers and charlotte onions.  It missed soul and taste, maybe just a bit of salt would have helped. After a little refreshment of local cheese, greens and herb came the last dish. A rather small piece of streaky pork or bacon. This was not really our taste and you needed a magnifying glass to find a bite of real pork meat.
We finished the dinner with 3 small top desserts, mixing chocolate, greens and berries in innovative ways. Excellent.
Our wine menu started with a very nice surprise. A Belgian white, from Westouter Heuvelland 2009 “Entre-deux Monts”, 100% Kerner grape. This region is not yet known for its wine, but it was a real good wine, dry and a little spicy and it went perfectly together with the mackerel. To be recommended. Then we had a Spanish Valdeorras from Galicia 2009 “Gaba Do Xil”. 100% Godello.  It was fresh, dry with a tetchy sensation.  Galicia may be a less known wine region, but absolutely a region to discover.
With the pork we had a red Crianza, from Rioja, 2007 “La Montesa”, 40% Tempranillo and 60% Granacha. A beautiful, wine with lots of juicy, red and black fruit and a full body.
The service is pleasant, helpful and attentive and it is really a place to recommend. Just remember to bring your GPS otherwise you will never find your way home.




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We went there recently and loved it (my review and photos are here).


September 23, 2010

Hi simon
thanks a lot for your comments. I love the pics you took from all the dishes!
You seem to be a gastronaut, i guess ur close to us foodies then ,)
hats ur favourite foodie place in brussels?

Tasting & Living

September 23, 2010

I really liked Bon Bon, but I find that most of my favourite restaurants are outside Brussels. It doesn’t get much better than Hof van Cleve, for example.


September 24, 2010

Hi simon,
if you have a good review on bon bon, i d be interested to post in under our review section. Or if you have any other foodie posts that could interesting for us we d be delighted to mention you on the blog?

Tasting & Living

September 24, 2010

Bon-Bon is on our list of places to review yes, I’m counting on Dorte who does the reviews to go there soon!
Hof Van Cleve is of course tops as far as international standards, however Belgium has so many good restaurants to offer that you don’t necessarily need to pay ‘top dollars’ for good food. And if I remember well, the price of a glass of champagne for apéritif was 20€. That put me in a bad mood from the start :)

Tasting & Living

September 25, 2010

In a similar style but much more reasonably priced is Les Deux Maisons in Stockel. Two courses for 35 euro or four for 55 euro. We go there all the time.


September 26, 2010

Looking forward to going to In de Wulf next year.

Sid Frisjes

December 21, 2010

Hi thanks for your comment on our post of de Wulf, any other intersting pplaces you’ve been to recently we should know about?

Tasting & Living

December 21, 2010


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