A true Danish dish: stegt flaesk

Denmark may be known as the home of the world’s best restaurant; Noma. But a true Dane won’t go without this basic and traditional dish: stegt flaesk with persille sauce. It’s a slice of pork, either pan or oven fried, rather salty, just like bacon, served with a white sauce and parsley. Of course new potatoes are a must in this season.

We were invited by Hilde and Sven Erik to Flesjsborghus. It’s a community centre in the smallest of villages and to make some extra money they serve traditional Danish cooking. It’s hard to find some of these dishes in restaurants these days (and certainly in Copenhagen) so the fact that Flesjsborghus serves them here, makes it a worthwhile detour for any foodie!

So we can recommend this restaurant by all means, it’s good traditional food which is becoming too rare to find in Denmark. Depending on the day you can get other Danish treats.

Flejsborghus, Vesterhornumvej 93, 9640 Farsø, Tlf. 98 66 32 50

Make sure you reserve in advance because for a 100 DK, you get a dish, desert, wine and water! Don’t expect anything fancy or trendy interiors, just concentrate on the food!