Fresh roe from Kalix: the swedish ‘caviar’

Simply the best!

‘Caviar’ of Kalix is processed exclusively from bleak roe harvested towards the spawning season. The catch originates from a world unique brackish archipelago with 750 islands just south of the Arctic Circle. The cold brackish waters of the Bothnian Bay were the sea meets great rivers makes the water high on minerals. The unique composition brings traces of gold and silver. The Caviar of Kalix comes from the roe of the whitefish Coregonus albula in Swedish, Siklöja. An adult fish is about 25 centimeters long. The conservation status is least concern, meaning not endangered species.

The daily catch is handled the same day. The roe is extracted by hand. From each fish you get two tablespoons of roe. Then the roe gets gently washed, sieved and dried in a cooler overnight. After this four percent fine sea salt is added to bring out the pure, delicious flavors of minerals and the sea.
And here is the result: we had it in Lysekil in Bohuslans, Sweden, just north of Gothenburg.