50 years after … Campbell’s soup does it again!

Andy Warhol was known to eat tomato soup every day for lunch for 20 straight years—that’s some lunchtime dedication right there, and just the sort of muse he needed. Introduced to hungry Americans in 1897, tomato soup in the red and white can was the first soup ever created by Campbell Soup Company. 115 years later, it’s still a perfect meal—especially when paired with a creamy grilled cheese sandwich (more than 25 million people slurp up the soup each week!).
Now on display in New York’s Museum of Modern Art (MoMa), the famed artwork is celebrating its 50th year. To celebrate, Campbell’s is releasing limited-edition cans of tomato soup featuring labels based on Warhol original artwork. Designed by Campbell’s Global Design team and The Andy Warhol Foundation, the cans are in bold, eye-catching colors and feature a portrait of the revolutionary artist and one of his many popular quotes.
“We are proud to be so closely linked to Andy Warhol’s work and, consequently, the pop art movement in America,” says Ed Carolan, Vice President and General Manager for Campbell’s. “We even have an original painting at our headquarters in Camden, N.J.”

I’m not sure if Carrefour is going to stock them, but we will found out. In the US and France they go on the shelves on 9 september …

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