Recipe: Perfect The Most Amazingly Moist Smoked Turkey! 🦃

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The ingredients needed to prepare The Most Amazingly Moist Smoked Turkey! 🦃:

  1. Prepare 1 of 12-14 lb Fresh Turkey.
  2. Provide of Brine:.
  3. Provide 1 qt (32 oz) of Vegetable Stock.
  4. Take 1 (750 ml) of bottle Pinot Grigio wine.
  5. Get 2 of large shallots, sliced thin.
  6. Provide 6-7 cloves of garlic, smashed but not peeled.
  7. Prepare 2 of lemons, cut in half and squeezed halfway.
  8. You need 7-8 sprigs of fresh thyme.
  9. Get 6 of whole bay leaves.
  10. Provide 1 1/4 cup of kosher salt.
  11. You need 2 tbs of whole peppercorns.
  12. Get 1 tbs of whole mustard seed.
  13. Get of Water (to cover).
  14. You need of Butter Compound:.
  15. You need 1 cup of unsalted butter.
  16. Prepare 2 tbs of kosher salt.
  17. Take 1 tsp of fresh ground pepper.
  18. Use 1 tsp of garlic powder.

Steps to make The Most Amazingly Moist Smoked Turkey! 🦃:

  1. Remove Turkey from packaging. Wash with cold water to remove all juices. Set aside..
  2. Assemble and prepare the remaining ingredients as noted..
  3. In a medium saucepan, bring the vegetable stock, salt, bay leaves, peppercorns, and mustard seeds to a boil. Stir until salt is dissolved. Cool to room temperature..
  4. Once cooled, pour the brine into a 5-gallonstock pot or container. Pour in the bottle of wine, then add the shallots, garlic, thyme, and lemons. Slowly lower in the turkey (otherwise it will slosh out all over your countertop!).
  5. Add ice and water to cover the turkey and either set in your refrigerator or continue adding ice to keep it below 40°. Keep the turkey in the brine for at least 24 hours..
  6. After 24 hours, remove turkey and drain all liquid and remove any pepper corns or mustard seeds from within the carcass. With paper towels, dry the outer areas of the turkey. Let sit at room temperature for at least an hour..
  7. In the meantime, soften your butter (not to melting) and incorporate the salt, pepper, and garlic powder. Wrap in Saran Wrap and place in refrigerator for about the same time you’re waiting for the turkey to adjust to room temp..
  8. Now go outside and prepare your smoker. For any poultry, you’ll want to use either Pecan or Apple wood as your smoke base. (for this specific turkey I used pecan.).
  9. While your smoker is heating, go back inside and remove the turkey and butter from the refrigerator. Separate the skin on turkey breast and thighs. In the cavities, insert the butter mixture liberally. (Seriously, you can’t add too much!).
  10. Place an aluminum drip pan on the heat deflector in your smoker to catch the drippings (there will be a lot and if you don’t use a drip pan it will eventually extinguish your fire before the turkey is done.) Place the turkey on the top placement on your smoker. Bring your smoker to a steady 225°. *Oh, quickly wrap the tips of your wings in foil or they will burn!.
  11. After 3 hours, open and baste the turkey with the drippings and each hour afterward. *As a rule, at 225°, you should plan cooking time at 30 mins per pound..
  12. When you’ve reached the appropriate time based on the weight of your turkey, remove from smoker..
  13. Here is the most important step to keep your smoked turkey moist and tender: prepare a roasting pan to just accommodate the size of your turkey. Add whatever drippings are remaining from the dripping pan to the roasting pan with the turkey. Next, place that pan into a roaster or another larger pan (with a cover) with water creating indirect moist heat at about 250-275° depending on the size of your turkey. If larger, then make it 275. Keep in that roaster for at least 3-4 hours..
  14. Finally, remove and carve like you’re a professional!! ENJOY!!.

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