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Use a 1 18 hole saw to make the holes for the strawberry plants. A strawberry jar makes properly watering the plants difficult.

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I decided to build Halls self-irrigating gutter lets call it a SIG to grow.

Self watering strawberry container. If sunlight only enters through one window its important to rotate the container every 3-4 days for even results. 3 Tier Stackable Garden – Indoor Outdoor Vertical Planter Set – Self Watering Tiers From Top Down – Grow Fresh Herbs In The Kitchen or Patio – Smart Planting Pots – Used for Strawberries Herbs Peppers Flowers and Succulents Stone. The big issue is watering strawberry planters – whilst theyve got these angled holes as soon as the top layer of compost dries water is almost repelled off the top.

That way they dont die in this southern heat even though you dont have time to tend them every day. Unless of course you add a tube down the center to evenly disperse the water. These are so simple to put together and the larger the container the more you can add to it for growing.

Choose vertical strawberry containers or pots that fit into the area that has been applicable for the strawberries. Even using a thin-spouted watering can to direct water into each of the pockets will still not saturate the soil in the center of the pot. In the second part he shows a two gutter strawberry growing system.

The soil in containers will dry out faster and hot weather may increase the frequency you need to water your strawberries. I cut holes and planted my strawberries about 8 inches apart. Once finished with the holes fill the container with pre-moistened potting mix up to the first line of openings.

Rotate the pots every 1-2 weeks so all the plants can get some sun. The two tomato plants in my self-watering containers outproduced three in the ground by 15-20 lbs of fruit. Prepare the water inlet pipes if using the vertical modified design drill 10mm 38 holes all around the last 30cm 12 of the 50mm 2 wide PVC pipe length should extend high enough above raised bed to allow efficient watering without reaching too high or pushing plants out of the way to find the watering inlet.

Self-watering containers are also great for growing strawberries and other fruit and vegetable plants. This strawberry planter is a very compact system to grow strawberries which are heavy feeders. With a few food grade five gallon buckets or larger ones if you can find them you can make self watering containers that will hold all of your seedlings for your garden or you could just grow the garden right out of the containers.

This prevents water-soluble soil nutrients from washing out the bottom of the container and keeps the plant evenly moist not too wet and not too dry. The easy solution is to provide a central watering column which will distribute the water into the pot. I stapled the vinyl to the wooden gutter support and stretched it over the top of the soil.

The self-watering container SWC has a water reservoir that you must keep filled but other than that the container and the media work together to provide water continuously over a long period of time. Its the idea that you make a raised bed or garden container put a bladder in the bottom to hold water and that water slowly seeps up into the dirt to keep your plants watered. And all self watering containers need mulch of some kindI just happened to have a roll of vinyl billboard material that my neighbor Ray gave me.

In the first part of the video Larry shows how to use a gutter to supply water to a row of pots. We can do this with the following equipment. You water these containers from the bottom and the plant wicks moisture up.

Mostly strawberries will require two cms of water in a week for a moderate climate and 4cms of water in a week during the summer season. Should be lightly sprinkled with water immediately after watering. At the height of their growth I was re-filling the water reservoir under the Earthbox.

The cut holes should be no larger than 125. Strawberries require 6-8 hours of full sunlight each day. No hard and fast instructions can be given for watering because plants require very limited amounts of water when.

I got this idea from Larry Hall who made a video showing how he uses gutters as self watering containers. Otherwise soil will fall out when watering. Then carefully place the bare-root strawberry plants in my case Chandler variety in each aperture getting the crown in line with the wall of the container.

Watering Plants in Containers Overwatering is the most common cause of failure of strawberry plants grown in containers. You are doomed to have shallow roots and thirsty strawberry plants.

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