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It can produce flowers on long stalks that are yellow with red tips. Another choice for tactile gardeners this Mexican-born succulent has potentially hundred of thick leaves covered in soft fuzzy hairs.

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The Firecracker Echeveria grows rosettes of leaves on tall stems.

Tall large leaf succulent. The name comes from the ancient Greek pachys thick and phyton plant because of the shape of the leaves. These agaves have yellow-green soft spineless leaves arranged in 12-24 inch rosettes on top of bare stems. Sedum dasyphyllum can be successfully propagated by division stem cuttings and leaves.

Your succulent is becoming leggy and long losing its pretty shape and leaning sideways towards the window. It has light green flat and wide leaves that resemble that of a whales tongue. Examples of Pachyphytum succulents.

Will form masses in the landscape up to 4-5 feet across and 4-5 feet tall. Agave attenuata is sometimes called the foxtail agave because its flower spike looks like a long fox tail. Because of their large size they are more suitable to be grown outdoors.

The fleshy leaves of this succulent species are obovate or lanceolate shaped that grow between 5 and 15 12 38 cm long. Aeonium arboreum Zwartkopf Black Rose Tree Aeonium a tall succulent with branched stems and black rosette leaves growing in a border in summer The large cactus with small growing on its leaves in the middle of nature close-up. Tree aeoniums are also called the tree houseleek or Irish rose.

Take the cut portion and remove the bottom leaves and set aside. They can become a meter or more tall so I. Sedum dasyphyllum thrives in full sun and is hardy to zone 8B 15 F.

It seems to have a sturdy main stalk. They grow to be between two and five feet tall and about three to six feet wide. The gray-green oval leaves can grow up to 5 13 cm long and have a distinct red line running around their edges.

This agave succulent was originally grown in Mexico on mountains with elevations of 3700 to 7000 feet. AgavesFlanked by smaller agaves A. It grows just 3-4 inches tall and is an attractive hanging succulent.

This powerhouse succulent as large as 3 feet tall and 4 feet wide and its smaller brethren are tough. Cut off the succulent about 12 inch from the soil. The Aeonium Arboreum tree aeonium is a bushy succulent shrub with waxy foliage that grows large flattened green rosettes.

They are pretty thick leaves as most succulents are. With enough sunlight the leaves will develop painted red tips. Parryi truncata appears to wait for prey to glide past.

Pachyphytum is a small genus of succulents in the Crassulaceae family native from Mexico lands at 600 to 1500 metres 2000 to 4900 ft high. If you notice your succulent growing tall here is how you can fix etiolation. Quite wide leavesalmost a heart shaped indent on the outer parts of the leaves.

Ive seen a single rosette used as a shrub in a fairy garden to wonderful effect. This is called etiolation and occurs when your succulent does not receive enough light. By Lynn Prince Rupert BC Canada I picked it up from the grocery store.

Leaf Clay P Types of Succulents with Pictures Pachyphytum. After you remove the leaves cut the stem leaving the top portion and about 1. Pigs ear succulent can grow outdoors as a type of tall flowering succulent The thick round leaves on this Cotyledon succulent give the plant its name of Pigs Ears.

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