Tasting & Living #47 September 2013

Tasting & Living #47 September 2013

A team of foodies based in Brussels with an international appetite for everything foodie.

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Gitte Kik: our favourite Danish smorebrod!

September 16, 2014

Gitte Kik’  first opened in 1797 and they make the best smorebrod in town. They serve about 10-12 different varieties. Most of the smorebrod are served on sliced dark bread, however certain ingredients don’t work with dark bread, so depending on the combinations, a different kind of sliced bread is used. You can order the absolute must combination of marinated herring with curry sauce, but you can also go for the more ‘exotic’ one with roast beef slices, grated horse-radish and sweetly caramelised onions. Also the slices of roasted and very crunchy suckling pig is on our  list of recommendations. However make sure you book at least in day in advance, it’s right in the centre of the city and has lots of local following, so be in time!

Fortunstraede 4

1065 Kobenhavn K

+45 33 11 15 37

(closed Sundays and sometimes on Mondays)


Ancienne Belgique Bier

September 15, 2014

De AB is vandaag 35 jaar oud. Proficiat! En nu een biertje dan maar …

Speciaal voor de verjaardag gebrouwen. Eeen collector’s item uiteraard.

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 12.06.01

Foto shoot in de Koninklijke gallerijen

September 13, 2014

Vandaag foto’s maken in de Comptoir des Galeries, Hotel en boekenwinkel!


Nespresso on the go …

September 12, 2014

Allen naar het Stéphaniaplein vlakbij de Louizalaan voor een Nespresso!!!

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 09.50.59

Fashion and Food

September 10, 2014

Donna Karan NYC likes Ladurée! It’s New York Fashion Week, so why not have a snack while watching those skinny models making their way down the cat walks?


Packaging that makes you smile …

September 4, 2014

Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 14.52.59 Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 14.52.56 Screen Shot 2014-09-04 at 14.52.49

Jack O’Shea in Brussels’ centre … Oh yeah

August 19, 2014

Jack O’Shea ‏@jackoshealondon Aug 14
exciting news for #brussels..construction for new #jackoshea butcher shop in Sainte-Catherine has now commenced!!

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 14.44.43

Die groenten zijn zo vers …

August 19, 2014

En jawel, terug op stap met Kim! Deze keer in de buurt van het Van Meenen plein, op de Alsembergsesteenweg. Een heel leuke buurt, een beetje ‘edgy’, heel divers met een Oekraïense supermarkt en daarnaast een Portugese winkel. De welbekende ‘Maison du mouton’ is trouwens ook vlakbij. Wij gingen La Buvette testen.

We hadden gehoord dat je hier vooral verse, lokale en seizoensproducten kon vinden dus ‘bring it on’!

Nicolas Scheidt, die eveneens eigenaar is van Café des Spores, had zin om een ‘micro’ brasserie te openen en voila: La Buvette recht over Café des Spores. Het lunch menu is elke dag anders en elke dag laat hij zich leiden door wat er vers en lekker is. Klinkt goed uiteraard.

Het menu is lichtjes ‘enigmatisch’ want de beschrijving is kort en bondig, maar de ‘simpele’ aanpak kunnen we wel smaken. De prijs van 20€ leek ons meteen al een correcte prijs.

Een lekker mineraal wijntje van Domaine Ostertag, 2009, Pinot blanc werkte perfect bij alle gerechten. Net zoals de chef Nicolas is de wijn truwens van de Elzas. Samen met Nicolas van Neptune (in de Flagey buurt) vormen ze een super-gastro-bistro duo dat samen aanwezig was op de Omnivore World Tour eerder dit jaar.

We kregen een heerlijke lunch voorgeschoteld! Van rode bieten met zeekraal over gekonfijte kabeljauw en een prachtig oranje gerecht met pompoen en om af te sluiten een heerlijk bord met ‘toefjes’ witte chocolade en een crème van geroosterde venkelzaadjes. een mooie afsluiter van een perfect uitgevoerde lunch.

Een aanrader dus (weeral)! We hebben op geen enkel moment het gebrek van vlees gemerkt want alles was mooi uitgebalanceerd en de groenten zijn zo lekker dat ik eraan denk om misschien toch ooit vegetariër te worden …

Ik ga zeker terug voor het diner van 7 gangen aan 45€. Lijkt me ook een topper!

Hier zijn de punten:

Gebruik seizoensproducten:

Gebruik lokale producten


Prijs/kwaliteit verhouding


De score van La Buvette is dus 4 sterren op een max. van 5

La Buvette
Alsembergsesteenweg, 108 – 1060 Brussel – Tel : +32 (0)2 534 13 03
Open van dinsdag tot vrijdag van 20u tot 22u en vrijdag lunch van 12u tot 14u.

Check ook op www.fmbrussels.be

Svinklov Badehotel: Danish high society on a plate

July 31, 2014

In a faraway corner of Jylland (Western Denmark), right on the coast, lies the tiny hamlet of Fjerritslev.

There’s not much there, but one thing that attracts foodies from all over Denmark (and the ‘beau monde’ of Danish society), is an interesting ‘bathing’ hotel called Svinklov Badehotel.

Bathing hotels are a typical scandinavian thing. It conjures up images of a romantic day at the seaside with children bathing in a twilight of midnight sun and parents lying under a striped umbrella sipping their tiny glass of Gammel Dansk. And it’ s true that Svinklov and the pristine stretch of unspoilt white beach is part of that wonderful picture postcard.

We arrived just in time for the dinner service. Indeed, just showing up for a quick meal is not part of this idyll. You need to start planning weeks if not months ahead of time because this place is right on top of the list of ‘must-be-seen-there’ places in Denmark.

It’s been going since 1925 thanks to Carl Kronborg. Year in year out, it’s booked solid by families with healthy looking children with perfect teeth and pristine appearances or ex-ministers who want to show off their slightly faded, but still vivid ‘celebrity’  status to their guests. Actresses of a certain age bring their newly found younger companion here before they go public. Everybody knows everybody here, so being ‘non-resident’ guests we were dealt with as such. Our table was rather in an odd place and certainly not next to the window, which is considered ‘prime property’ at Svinklov.

Nevertheless it gave us a perfect viewing platform to watch the going-ons in the restaurant. The interior is bare and white, with pastel yellow curtains and table cloths. The yellow is a necessary splash of color in a very neutral space. The floors are famous for being repainted and waxed every year since decades, so the shine coming off the floor is impressive indeed.
We waited for a very long time for our dishes to arrive, however being right in time for the sun going down, we got up regularly to witness the dazzlingly intense colors of the setting sun.

Once the food did arrive we weren’t disappointed, fabulous vegetables, freshest fish, superb presentation and great flavours. It was all there right in front of us: great food, intriguing guests and fantastic seascapes.

Svinklov is open from April to October, has 36 rooms and has a rather plain appearance. But beware, appearances can be deceiving!
We experienced it like a night at the theatre; brilliant performances of intrigue and posture, healthy Scandinavian life style and excellent food, so well worth the money and the wait!

Seatings are at 18,00 or 21,00 and menus are from 340 DK to 475 DK or 20 DK extra for fish courses.

Svinkløvvej 593 • DK – 9690 Fjerritslev • Tlf 98 21 70 02 • Fax 98 21 70 38 • Bordreservation 98 21 81 05

Benesse House Museum: dining and art

July 31, 2014 3 Comments

In 1985, Tetsuhiko Fukutake, the founder of Fukutake Publishing (now Benesse Corporation), nurtured a dream of creating an area where children from around the world could gather on an island in the Seto Inland Sea. Together with Chikatsugu Miyake, then mayor of Naoshima, whose own dream was to develop the south side of Naoshima as a pristine and educational cultural area., these two men formed a mutual agreement to develop Naoshima. Activities commenced with a trial camp for children, operated by employees of Fukutake Publishing.

Naoshima International Camp, designed under the supervision of architect Tadao Ando, opened to the general public as a place to experience the natural landscape of the Setouchi area by staying overnight in yurts from Mongolia. That year, Karel Appel’s outdoor sculpture Frog and Cat became the first work of modern art to be permanently installed here.

Benesse House Museum opened in 1992 as a facility integrating a museum with a hotel, based on the concept “Coexistence of nature, art and architecture.” The facility consists of four buildings, all designed by Tadao Ando: Museum, Oval, Park and Beach.
The Museum, which performs the complex’s principal function of displaying art, is an imposing structure open to the outside world, and visitors can sense the presence of nature even inside the building. In addition to the works in its collection, the Museum also contains permanent site-specific installations that artists have created specially for this building, locating the installations on their own and designing the works for those spaces. In fact, the Museum’s artworks are found not just within its galleries, but in all parts of the building, as well as in scattered locations along the seashore that borders the complex and in the nearby forest. One of the pleasures of visiting Benesse House is unexpectedly encountering works of art, not only within the walls of the Museum but also while strolling around the grounds, enjoying the abundant natural beauty of the Inland Sea region.

The artists on display vary from Nam June Paik, Alberto Giacometti, Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg, Richard Long, Gerhard Richter, Bruce Nauman, Donald Judd and more.

The beauty of staying at the House itself is that one can wander the galleries late into the night after all the riff-raff have departed, even in your pyjamas and slippers if you feel like it. There’s also a monorail up to the rooms at the Oval, which also has a spectacular bar where one can watch the sun set. Dinner at the Museum itself is also an experience not to be missed as all the good tables face out onto the bay. Surrounded by the art and in complete calmness and tranquility, the food on offer is Kaiseki, served on precious ceramics and with great eye for detail. Seasonality is a top priority here as is the fact that a lot of the ingredients are from the island or the waters around it.

A tasting menu looks like this:
For appetizer; an egg cockle, scallion and yellow chives dressed in a sour miso sauce. For soup; Hamo eel with kudzu; egg tofu; New Zealand spinach; shredded dried plum; and sansho pepper. Then for the sashimi; Thin-sliced stingfish and stingfish salad cup: steamed abalone with rice. Then it goes on with an appetizer: taro dressed in a sesame sauce; raw sea urchin; sand borer sushi; prawn; spawn rolled in radish; pasted sweet potato; mamakari fish; boiled octopus; vinegared lotus shaped like flower; and horse bean with a pine needle stuck in it. Followed by boiled food: boiled sea bream head; burdock root; and thin-sliced scallion. ‘Ensuite’ broiled food: Broiled butterfish with salt; and vinegared myoga ginger. Only then comes the rice: bean rice; miso soup; and pickles. Finishing off with some fruit: Grapefruit jelly; and strawberry. Stews (nabemono) are offered in colder months.

You won’t go to bed with a full stomach, as you have all the time in the world to wonder around the art installations before tucking into bed, say hello to the David Hockney’s before you nod of or just lay on one of the giant pebbles and gaze at the framed sky to see the milky way unfold itself.

Practical information: The restaurant is called Issen and some dishes need to be ordered in advance. Tasting menus are around 12,000 yen.
Book your room well ahead and indeed the restaurant. An experience of a life time! 

To get there? Rather complicated as it involves several trains buses and ferries.

Onbeleefdheid in de Brusselse horeca …

July 31, 2014

Eten en drinken in Brussel is altijd wel leuk en lekker. Maar hoe zit het met de bediening? Ik hoor (en ik spreek zelf ook uit ervaring) dat je in Brussel meer en meer onbeleefdheid tegenkomt als je iets gaat eten en drinken. Heb je ook zo een ervaring?
Let us know!



Eating and drinking in Brussels is always great, apart from the service you get? I hear more and more complaints of people that are being treated rudely, without respect and feel neglected. Have you had a similar experience? Let us know!

Brondum Hotel and Restaurant: Skagen in all its glory

July 29, 2014

Skagen is at the extreme Northern tip of Denmark. It has been an artists colony since the 1800’s and is still today regarded by many as a highlight of any Danish holiday. It’s also the place where Denmark literally disappears into the sea, so the light is quite bright and particular. This special light has been the inspiration for artists up until this day.

Brøndums Hotel in Skagen has for generations been and is still today highly regarded within the Nordic countries. Only one hotel in Denmark carries the same prestigious position in people’s minds: Hotel d’Angleterre in the Danish capital. But that is another story, now its time to focus on Brøndums at Skagen.

It all began around 1840 with Erik Brøndum, a merchant and innkeeper who married Ane Hedevig Møller. The Hotel had a number of prominent guests, among them H.C. Andersen.

At some point in time, the Inn had become too small, and Erik Brøndums son, Degn Brøndum, had convinced Plesner to expand the Inn, which was finished in 1892.

However, the expansion still turned out to be insufficient.  Twice (in 1897 and 1909, Plesner who had a preference for red brick) had launched a further expansion of the hotel, as it had become known by that time. In 1954 and 1959 fires reduced the size of it considerably except for a single conserved addition: The restoration wing with the veranda above.

One of the leading architects and visitor to Skagen, Thorvald Bindesbøll, designed the magnificent dining room so that the Brøndum family paintings could be built into the wall panels.

In the end the complete dining room was handed over to Skagen Museum according to the will of Degn Brøndum. The ties between the hotel and the museum have consequently always been strong.

Degn Brøndum thought that running water and hot baths were unnecessary, since the hotel was only 200 metres away from the beach. When swimming in the ocean was good enough for him, then why should it not be for others as well? In the main building, where the oldest parts date back to 1874, you may therefore find showers and toilets outside the rooms while bathrobes and washbasins are in the rooms.

The food has throughout the history of Brøndums Hotel been a central focal point. The artists enjoyed it and described it in exalted terms to their friends back at the academies and since then it has been one of the corner stones in a successful stay at Brøndums Hotel.

The food at Brøndums Hotel is today a great mix of classic dishes in addition to a seasonal menu where the kitchen creates dishes inspired by the seasonal foods.

Here’s an idea of the menu

Dinner – A la carte
, served from 17.30 until 22.00
6 oysters ‘La Perle Blanche’ au naturel with lemon and toast – 180 DKK
Brøndums smoked salmon with horse radish, crudité, rye bread, quail eggs and herbs – 145 DKK
Fish soup Madam Brøndum with poached cod – 135 DKK

Main courses fish
Plaice à la Skawbo with new potatoes and cowberries – 185 DKK
Fried lemon sole à la Drachmann with fried Norway lobster and lobster sauce – 265 DKK
Fried turbot fillet with artichoke barigoule, new onions and herbs – 325 DKK

Main courses meat
Pork tenderloin fried with Skagen Ham, served with mashed potatoes and  bacon vinaigrette – 225 DKK
Tournedos ‘en croûte’ with braised veal tail, pearl onions, bone marrow and red wine sauce – 275 DKK
Chateaubriand made from tenderloin with pommes Anna, served with sauce bordelaise and béarnaise (for min. 2 persons) – 345 DKK

Dessert & cheese
Sorbet and ice cream with crisp – 125 DKK
Blueberries, white chocolate, “Cupcake” and blue berry sorbet – 135 DKK
Chocolate “Brownie” with chocolate mousse, cherries and sorbet – 135 DKK
Crêpes Suzette with vanilla ice cream (for min. 2 persons) – 145 DKK
Cheese platter with classic garniture and crisp bread – 125 DKK

We thought the place was grandious, full of history and accomplished local and seasonal dishes that were refined and delicious. Served on Royal Kopenhagen porcelain, of course.
Brøndums Hotel – Anchersvej 3 – DK-9990 Skagen – Telephone: (+45) 98 44 15 55


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